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Do You Have Your Medical Marijuana Card?

You can put it to use at either of our two dispensaries located in Billings!

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Providing for Everyone! Now serving both Recreation Customers and Medical Patients!

Come to one of our Local Dispensaries for your Marijuana Needs

We have both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana

Visit either of our Marijuana Dispensaries in Billings, MT

You've finally gotten your medical marijuana card. Now, there's one question to answer, "Where to buy marijuana?" You'll want to find a local marijuana dispensary that contributes to the community and has an amazing selection. Montana Advanced Caregivers (MAC) in Billings, MT is a well-known dispensary that cares about community outreach. We welcome anyone 21 and older to our shop, and we take the time to give back how we can.

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A DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program Licensed Provider

We provide recreational marijuana at our 32nd St and 3rd Ave locations

What will you find on our shelves?

There are many ways to experience the benefits of medical marijuana, so it's important to find an option that works well for you. Thankfully, our dispensary has a wide range of options available. You can try our:


Check out our 40+ High Quality, Craft Cannabis Flower


Try some of our Chocolates, Chex Mix, Muddy Buddies, and other various options for Edibles!


Shatter, Diamonds, Budder and Crumbles available!


Try a Tincture to help with body aches, energy levels, or improve sleep!

Vape Cartridges

0.5g Live Resin and Distillate Varieties available!


Cannabis Infused Creams and Salves to aid Skin Conditions and Body Pains

In addition to our great options for medical marijuana, our marijuana dispensary will have recreational weed soon. At this time, you must have a medical marijuana card to enter the shop or purchase anything. Starting January 1st, all you'll need is an ID, passport or military ID that states you're over 21. Call 406-656-0026 today if you have any questions about our dispensary.

Please be aware that tax rates for medical marijuana and recreational weed vary, and you may be charged these rates in addition to standard sales tax.