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Learn More About Our Dispensary

You can turn to us for medical marijuana in Billings or Laurel, MT

Montana Advanced Caregivers (MAC) in Billings and Laurel, MT is one of the longest-running, vertically integrated medical marijuana facilities in the country. Owners Rich and Jason have been friends since high school and first went into business together in 2008.

We currently operate three stores in Billings and one in Laurel. Since the beginning, our focus has been to offer craft, high-quality cannabis flowers with dozens of strains available every day. We also carry a variety of edibles in varying strengths for non-smoking customers. Those who want something stronger can choose from flavorful clean concentrates, clear distillate and RSO.

Through the industry's ups and downs and legislative battles, Montana Advanced Caregivers has always fought for safe access and patient rights. Even today, we're in litigation to allow safe access for patients in Montana's largest city. Call 406-656-0026 now for more information on our high-quality cannabis.

Giving back to our community

Montana Advanced Caregivers proudly offers our military veterans a discount, and we have a Compassionate Cancer Care Program through which cancer patients can receive greatly discounted or free medicine to help them through their struggles. We've built giving back to our community into our DNA, and we participate in programs ranging from feeding the homeless, funding children's sports teams, trips, and programs, donating holiday gifts for homeless high school students, helping to fund school backpack programs and more.

To learn more about our medical marijuana discounts, reach out to us today.